Spreading FIRST’s message is a valued priority of Tiger Pride. Every year, we strive to create new ways to share STEM and robotics to as many people as possible. In order to complete our goal, we create programs, volunteer, and interact with others in our community.


Robotics For All

In 2009, we launched Robotics For All (RFA), a publicly funded organization working to convince the D.C. Central office to fund robotics team at other DC public schools. Under RFA, we also helped teach new teams the basics of building a robot by hosting countless kitbot builds and workshops.

DC Robotics

DC Robotics, another non-profit program designed to expand on the work we accomplished with RFA. We described the value of robotics to the DC schools administration and convinced them to fund 20 new robotics teams all across the city. Following this success, we procured 40 new vex kits and founded another groups of teams.

STEM In Schools

SiS (“STEM in schools”), is a program designed to teach elementary and middle school students the basics of STEM. We send our more experienced members to public elementary and middle schools in DC, and have them mentor, teach, and support the young students. Through this we have started a bundle of FLL teams, and learned responsibility through working with the kids.

DC FIRST Community

For the FRC teams, we convinced the DC schools central office to buy and install a full field perimeter at Langley Elementary School. We worked with the Department of General Services and DCPS Realty and Services Management offices to find a place to house the field. In this test environment, all DC teams are welcome to come and try out their robots. It is yet another point of contact for the DC STEM community that we have created and fostered in DC.

VEX Summer Camp

We believe that learning is a year round activity. With the Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP), we operate host, and fund a VEX summer camp. Over the past four years, it has grown to be very popular, now with over 40 scholars who come to Wilson to learn Labview, Java, Scratch and RobotC, along with Vex Engineering. We have recruited many team members from this summer program.

Women In STEM Club

A member of our team started the Women in STEM club at a local school. We attend one of their meeting monthly to inspire members. At these meetings, we meet women in STEM professions and discuss how to improve gender diversity and awareness.