Our mission is to spread STEM, an engineering mindset, a whole-hearted acceptance of the scientific method, of empirical evidence, to be people in our community who might not otherwise be exposed to those ideas. We are centered at Woodrow Wilson High School, a public school in Washington DC. Many of the students who attend our school do not have access to STEM outside of school walls. Our team was created to provide a center of learning, where everyone is welcome. Our mission is to create a community of learning and education, and to expand upon our community however possible.

We keep the lab door open during lunch and everyday after school. We offer everything from tutoring to homework help, from workshops to friendships. The robotics lab at Wilson is more than a classroom, we strive to make it an oasis of learning.
We want to teach every student as much as possible. If someone has an idea for a prototype, we don’t discourage it, we build and test it. We promotes respect for each other and the work each member puts into the team. Learning and growing means stepping out of your comfort zone and team 2914 provides a community where students are encouraged and enabled to do so. Tiger Pride is a hub of learning, innovating, and growing. That is something we are proud of.