Our Team


Our mission is to spread STEM, an engineering mindset, a whole-hearted acceptance of the scientific method, of empirical evidence, to be people in our community who might not otherwise be exposed to those ideas. We are centered at Woodrow Wilson High School, a public school in Washington DC. Many of the students who attend our school do not have access to STEM outside of school walls. Our team was created to provide a center of learning, where everyone is welcome. Our mission is to create a community of learning and education, and to expand upon our community however possible.

We keep the lab door open during lunch and everyday after school. We offer everything from tutoring to homework help, from workshops to friendships. The robotics lab at Wilson is more than a classroom, we strive to make it an oasis of learning.

We want to teach every student as much as possible. If someone has an idea for a prototype, we don’t discourage it, we build and test it. We promotes respect for each other and the work each member puts into the team. Learning and growing means stepping out of your comfort zone and team 2914 provides a community where students are encouraged and enabled to do so. Tiger Pride is a hub of learning, innovating, and growing. That is something we are proud of.


Team 2914, is Woodrow Wilson High School’s varsity robotics team. Wilson is an inner city DC public high school, so every member lives in DC. Tiger Pride’s first competition season was the 2009 game, “Lunacy”. Currently Tiger Pride has 30 members, however when the team was started there were only 8, none of which were female. In the last year Tiger Pride has grown as a team by 50%, increased its female population by 25%, and its minority population by 30%. Angela Benjamin founded the team with our other team coach, David Thompson, as they decided that a robotics club was the perfect way to introduce STEM to more students. Thanks to FIRST opportunities, we have been able to compete and travel to FIRST competitions ranging from our hometown of Washington, D.C. to being the first American team in a Mexico City regional. Our biggest challenge in 2008 was learning how to build. Chantilly Robotics helped us fix this problem by mentoring our team and teaching us everything there is to know about robotics. Now our biggest challenge is raising the funds we need in order to travel to the FIRST competitions. Tiger Pride does extensive fundraising and are always pursuing new sponsors. We provide an inclusive environment that fosters learning and growth so that no student will be left out due to gender, race, or socioeconomic status. Tiger Pride takes the barriers it must cross and turns them into learning experiences. Our team is young and small but it has thrived and grown over the past 8 years thanks to hard work and great enthusiasm for learning.